Business Solutions

We work with business of all sizes to bring in the expertise you need to grow your business. Whether it is for short or long term project we are able to help. We specialize in Analysis, Operations and Strategy, Marketing, and Technology. Let our Mavens help your business run more efficiently and grow.

Analysis & Operations

Run more efficiently with an analysis of your operations and processes. We Finds ways to help cut down on busy time and optimize your processes for productivity.


Building the right strategy take time and input but sometimes everyone is so busy talking no one is listening. Let us help facilitate your strategy sessions and/or help your company find the strategy to succeed.


Our marketing team can help your business create and maintain a web presence, create new marketing materials and help you develop a marketing plan with action steps and follow through.

Web Solutions

Our web solutions are designed to help create and grow your brand via a digital presence. We work with small businesses to put together a web strategy that is right for their brand.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data drives businesses and you want the right analytics to make the most informed decisions. We help analyze data and provide the business intelligence to help you make strategic decisions.

Project Management

No project is too big or small for our experts. We offer project management for technical and operational projects.

Systems Integration & Administration

Combining systems to streamline processes increases efficiency in an organization. From the integration to administering systems our Mavens can help increase your efficiency to align with your business goals.

Database Solutions

We work with businesses to evaluate their data needs and create and/or update databases for data From custom built to implementing a purchased system.

Technical Strategy

Our experts can help businesses evaluate their business processes and offer a technical strategy for success. From recommending new systems, servers, databases to streamlined processes. We offer support to your technical team to provide a business solution.