Higher Education

We know Career Services is overworked, understaffed and not able to do it all. The 2016-2017 Career Services Benchmark Survey Report by NACE showed the median FTE for career center professional and support staff is four. That is not help to effectively help any school’s population. Schools can no longer afford to not invest more into their students. We offer help to both career services staff and to the students.


Our Escalate! program is designed specifically for higher education, to help increase career development for students. We offer a system that prepares students not only for their first job but how to advance in their careers.

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Let our career development professional speak to your students on various career development topics from action planning to career success to transitioning careers.


VJ Niles is a premier member of GSB 360 Network and valued partner of the Touro College Graduate School of Business. She is a true professional, visionary and innovator. Her experience, ethics, leadership and natural presentation skills combine to create the great Career Coach that she is. VJ's "Take Action in Your Career," presentation is extremely informative for professionals who are looking expand their careers. I strongly recommend VJ to anyone looking to get their professional life headed in the right direction. -Kevin McCorry, Co-Director of GSB 360 Network Touro College

Career Services Staff

We offer train the trainer programs to keep your Career Services professionals up to date on recruiting trends to be more effective to students.