Career Packages


Don't let an outdated resume or a generic one hinder your job opportunities. One size does not fit all for your resume needs. It should position your talents, not just your title to really showcase what you have to offer to a company. No templates are used, research is done on the types of roles you are applying for to make sure keywords match up in your resume to the job descriptions to increase your chances of getting through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The Process

Pick your resume package. Setup a 20-minute call with the resume writer to go over your resume and career goals. We work hard to get clients their first format draft within 48-72 hours which includes 4 different styles or formats to choose from. Once decided the writing will begin.

Level Up

You’re ready move up in your career and need more than just a resume. This package gives you more help with getting to the next level. Includes a career coaching session to assist you in fine tuning your career search. The right strategy and guidance can make the difference between just hoping your resume gets noticed to getting traction

Next Level

If your career is a bit stagnant and you haven’t been promoted in years or you are just frustrated every day at work this is the package for you. This package helps you adjust or build your professional brand. In the coaching sessions we work on boosting your visibility and leveraging your network.

Career Pivot

You’re ready to transition your career and pivot into a new role, function or industry and you aren’t sure where to begin. This package gives you the guidance you need with actionable steps to make the process smoother. Even if you are not sure where to pivot next this package can help with that. The one on one intensive will dive deeper into your needs for better understanding of what your career pivot options are. Career sessions will work on teaching you how to talk about the pivot, how to position your talents and talk to what you can bring into this new role/industry/function.

Ultimate Career Leap

This package is for the professional who is ready to take their biggest career leap. You have been dissatisfied at work for too long and it’s your time to be happy and engaged at work again. Resume, LinkedIn profile and coaching gives you the tools to move your career. Coaching sessions cover interview tips, visibility, positioning your talent and address any concerns or challenges you have

Executive Package

As an executive you are top level in your career but you may not be fulfilled in your current company or roll and want to explore some options or move forward. This package helps build an executive portfolio and includes sessions to help build out your brand, leverage your talent, and guide you through any challenges or concerns you have.

Client Testimonials

I contacted VJ regarding updating my resume. She stood out to me because of how personable she was and how interested she was in my life and success. After I hired her we spoke on the phone for about an hour and she investigated me to find out who I was and what my goals were before writing the resume. I appreciated this care and attention to detail. We were able to settle on a course of action and she quickly had a rough draft ready to go. She was quick, responsive and met all my needs. I would highly endorse her to anyone trying to get a leg up in the resume/application world. She gives great advice and is practical in her approach. A+! - John Townsend, Insurance Agent

VJ was truly professional. She was detailed, helpful and extremely thoughtful when helping me with my resume. I would highly recommend her for any of your professional endeavors! - Eric Jones, ATF

VJ’s gift of taking my experiences to create compelling content within my resume is phenomenal. She is an extremely talented and attentive career success professional. Looking for someone to help you create or reconstruct your resume to put your best foot forward, VJ is the career success professional for you! I enjoyed working with her! I am thankful for her insight on my career goals, and value her advice on networking. She has great LinkedIn content…so check her out!!! Thanks so much VJ! – Terri Hill