What Others Say


VJ totes the kind of character anyone willing to breakout and break free needs in our society today. She is unapologetically straight forward yet compassionate at the same time, forcing you to re-evaluate the way you’ve always viewed the success ladder. She was a recent talk host at our Women In Tesla Lunch & Learn series, and her thought provoking presentation helped us see where we may be missing the mark as women on a career trajectory. Looking forward to initiating some of the things she shared and sharing those results as my own journey continues. Thank you, VJ! -Yvette Oriakhi President, Women In Tesla-Satellite.

“VJ wowed the GSK Women of Color in Pharma Group (WOCIP) with her 'Post Conference Sparks' talk. She provided a lot of insightful information with strategic tips which allowed us to leverage the conference information and differentiate ourselves by bringing value back to our company. Her presentation style was interactive, engaging and thorough. VJ is extremely authentic, inspiring, and funny, without even trying, which made it easy for her to connect with the audience right away. My biggest take away from VJ was the helpful Linked in tips and networking tactics along with her empowering message of going from 'helpless to hopeful' in your career. I recommend VJ to any women’s group or one that wants practical tips they can implement immediately to help catapult their career In general, VJ received raved reviews, and we cannot wait to have her back in 2020.”

Tonya A. Chopan, GSK WLI (women's leadership initiative) Leader, Philadelphia NY Campus

VJ conducted a very well-attended virtual career development workshop for the American Marketing Association New York. During her session, "Network for opportunities, not to collect business cards", VJ provided actionable tips on how to make quality connections that can support you in your professional development and career. Attendees asked countless questions and appreciated how she made sure to answer all of them. VJ was highly dynamic, informative and engaging. We would be honored to have her as a guest speaker again soon! – Esther Elkouss, MBA


“I am thrilled to recommend VJ. Things have definitely changed in the hiring world. Each day, I am getting rejected. No call-backs. No interviews. Each time I try to tweak my resume, it just gets uglier. But tonight I attended VJ's zoom training, "Position Your Talent, Not Your Title". Simple and beautifully presented, I went away feeling more empowered and angled with a new way to present myself. I am not one to "brag" on myself, but I ended VJ's meeting with a new perspective and am excited to share my strengths. It's not bragging when you can truly help the potential employer you are applying with!”- Elizabeth Brown, Virtual Assistant and Copywriter

I met VJ through a “how to” session on networking that she presented to American Marketing Association, New York chapter members and guests. VJ provided clear and actionable tips and offered a new perspective to networking. One of her suggestions that clicked with me is to remember that networking is like bonding, similar to how you would connect with a friend. When approached from that mindset, networking now feels less intimidating to me. – Gina Baurile