If I could show you how to get that business idea you’ve been sitting on out of your head and make it a viable business with clients within 9 months would it be worth your time?

The time is going to go by anyway but wouldn’t it be great if in 6 to 9 months your business was launched, you were marketing and had some clients?  Would the extra income get you the vacation and/or freedom you want to live a better life? ​ 

Let’s get Intentional about you and your business. 

I will help walk you through your fears, your doubts, and the steps you need to make your business come to life. Intention was designed to help you go from dream chasing to dream catcher.
Even if you started your business but haven’t been able to make sales this program is for you. 

Together we will identify your target audience, your messaging, package your offering and set your price points.

 We will also work on your confidence, time management, and resilience. 

Are you ready to get Intentional about your business? 

I'm Ready to get intentional

Joining Intention will help you

Free up time. 

You will no longer have to figure it all out alone and spend so much time in the research rabbit hole. 

Find your clients 

Identifying your tagret audience will help your marketing efforts.  Once you know who you are talking to, your marketing becomes more intentional and you land clients faster. 

Balance your career and a business

Time management is a huge part of being successful as an entrepreneur and intention will help you figure out how to manage your life in a way that allows you to do your business with a job. 

I'm Ready to get intentional

What does Intention Entail?

  • 18 strategy sessions 
  • Weekly group trainings on business topics
  • A private Facebook group  
  • Support throughout the 9 months
  • Resources 
  • Entrepreneur workbook to help you create your business blueprint
  • Mastermind Retreat to the Caribbean (no, not Jamaica)

Any questions? Contact us 

What Clients Say

VJ doesn't just help with strategy, she also kinda guards your hopes and dreams. She basically beats-up your negative self-doubt while being sensitive to your feelings. When she says "stand in your greatness", she gets rid of all the dirt (self-doubt and other negative feelings) before you step there. When she says "no pie in the sky" coaching, that's exactly what you get. She didn't tell me to let go of my job and follow my dreams. She was instrumental in helping me to plan HOW to leave my previous job to working for myself. Bills still got paid while catching the dream.

Hannah Cattouse
Co-Founder, Belize Remote Workers 

VJ is talented business professional, excellent in coaching and creating solutions for small business owners, developers and non profits. Her strategic insights gives her clients a competitive advantage in the market place. VJ was instrumental in our 2019 Fall Career Expo and our 2019 Entrepreneurial Accelerator Summit. Our members and small business owners from Metro NY Black MBA really benefited from her services."

Andrew Hamilton
Past President, Metro NY Black MBA