It is time to reclaim the power you allowed others to take from you and obtain the results and/or opportunities you desire.  


Shrinking yourself at work is the reason why you aren’t progressing. It’s not just because someone doesn’t like you. You’ve given up your power and allowed them to make you smaller. 

I get it, you shrunk yourself because you were tired of been seen as too loud, too aggressive, too feisty or too confrontational and you just wanted to work in peace. 
But here’s the truth… they were intimidated by you and that was their problem, not yours. It’s time for you to get back to being your powerful, bright, authentic, and confident self.

 When you are empowered, you start to show up more confident and your ideas no longer get stolen at work because you don’t allow them to be. You start to ask for the things you want and are worth. The doors you thought were closed suddenly open and opportunities come your way. When you shrink yourself, you cannot receive the things you genuinely want. But when you arm yourself with the career tools you need and your confidence you make things happen. The new role opens up that you want, a promotion is granted, or you finally decide to make that career pivot or open that business. 

You do not have to shrink for the sake of others, you are allowed to take up space and baby T AKE UP ALL THE SPACE! 

Say it with me. This is my time, it’s my moment. I am reclaiming my power! 

I invite you to join me in my Reclaim program where you can learn how to step out of the shadows and back into your light so you can reclaim your power. 

What Clients Say

Working with me has allowed my clients to be more confident and get increases from 25k to 74k. Results will vary but there’s work to be done that will get you your next great opportunity.

No more talking yourself out of going after opportunities, no more shrinking, and no more doubt.

Are you next to get results?

“Thanks to VJ's expertise and guidance, I was able to make a successful career change and increase my salary by 30% over two years. VJ was a trusted advisor every step of the way, providing insights and advice that helped me make informed decisions and effectively communicate my value to employers. Her deep knowledge of the industry and market trends was instrumental in helping me navigate a complex job market and find the right opportunity.” Client Service Professional   

Living small to make others happy is not fair to you.  Reclaim your power and start playing full out again! 


Spend 4 months working on building your confidence, creating boundaries and increasing your career growth.  We will work together through your pain points so you can feel like your authentic self again. This program includes some modules you can do on your own.  

Get started today! It's your time, it's your moment!  


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