Are you a seasoned professional who has achieved significant milestones, but you feel plagued by self-doubt or get overwhelmed when giving a new opportunity? Do you lack confidence in recognizing and celebrating your achievements, so you feel like you’re not good enough? Do you ever feel like an impostor? Well, you are not alone, 70% of the population has experienced some symptoms of impostor syndrome. 

What if I told you, that you’re actually not an impostor but you’re in progress and just suffer from self-doubt, would you want to defeat that impostor syndrome and be confident again? If you said yes, then this FREE Masterclass is for you. Join us for an empowering 90-minute masterclass where you will learn to conquer self-doubt and defeat impostor syndrome. This session is tailored specifically for experienced professionals who are ready to overcome these barriers and unlock their true potential.

 What You Will Learn  

Understanding Impostor Syndrome:   
 Identify and acknowledge the symptoms and sources of impostor syndrome.    
Understand why it is a myth and not a reflection of your true capabilities.    

Managing Self-Doubt:
 Explore the root causes of self-doubt and its impact on your professional life.   
Learn practical techniques to deprogram negative self-talk and foster a positive mindset. .
Overcoming Overwhelm:   
 Discover the factors contributing to your feelings of overwhelm. 
 Gain practical strategies for managing stress and maintaining balance. 

Building Confidence:   
 Uncover the reasons behind your lack of confidence.   
Engage in exercises and activities designed to boost your self-esteem and professional confidence.   
Resilience and Growth:    
Develop resilience to navigate challenges and setbacks.   
Embrace a growth mindset, viewing yourself as an evolving professional continuously honing your craft.

What Clients Say

“VJ is a wonderful career coach. VJ worked with me to help me come out of the shadows. I only worked in my small world, VJ helped me to communicate my experience and expertise to allow others to see my worth. It was a really great experience working with VJ. She is patient and thinks outside of the box to help stimulate personal thought. I am glad I discovered her and the services she provides.”  

Stephanie Ellis
Director, Revenue Performance and Audit Management

VJ is the absolute QUEEN of her craft! Her personalized services were just what I needed. She provided coaching that aided in advancement of my career and for me to channel untouched skills and confidence that I had long buried. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to have worked with her! 


Octavia Peterson
Interconnection Manager

I highly recommend anyone who feels as if their career is in a rut for one reason or another. VJ is a great thought partner with a variety of career experiences, clients and global business knowledge. Her energy is infectious and she gets you to focus on one nitty gritty step at a time, by getting you to become “unstuck”- mainly by saying “why not?”- She has a fresh perspective and genuinely wants to move you forward. I have a wonderful new opportunity due to VJ’s coaching style which is to “keep moving”! Thank you VJ!   

Sharon Arnold
SVP Clinical Operations